Chapter: 1198

Chapter 1198 - Gold Needle Acupuncture. Raging Force of Blood. Danger

Had it been before his increase in strength, Qing Shui would not have dared to bring the girl along. But now, since it had already been raised, he felt that he was able to cope with it. After all, if he really couldn’t, he could have just ran for his life right away.

He brought the girl and followed the crowd into Rong City.

Looking from the outside, the atmosphere was murky, billowing smoke all about but nothing would happen if they went inside the city. This was the Scarlet Flame Formation. This kind of huge formation would only be dangerous at places where they actually existed. A lot of places weren’t really that dangerous.

Qing Shui felt that he specialized in formations. As he entered the area, he soon realized that the area was deserted. A lot of the areas within the city had already turned into ruins. Some places were even on fire.

There were only ones around were people who had just entered this place. No one from Scarlet Flame Region could be seen nearby. Nor were there any other people. But from time to time, quite a few corpses could be seen. Each of the corpses died in different kinds of ways. A lot of them were ordinary civilians.

“These barbarians! They don’t even show mercy to ordinary civilians! Ruthless! They better run away from me, because I won’t let any of them live!” Yan Yangchen shouted in rage....

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