Chapter: 1196

Chapter 1196 - Grade Nine Demon Binding Ropes, People From Mu Clan

Qing Shui was actually astonished by the girl's words that she would go wherever he did. Right now, she knew at least that he was good to her, just like how she would just talk to him.

Qing Shui had been working hard and wanted to let her become a normal person. With that, even if he were to leave her one day, she would be able to live by herself. However, at the moment, it seemed impossible to be able to change her within a short period of time. Therefore, he would guide her slowly.

Without anything to do, Qing Shui took out the few interspatial silk sachets he had gotten from the few people who had assaulted him the other time. Ever since that day when he tossed them into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he hadn't taken a look at them. It was mainly because he didn’t much care and he felt that there wasn't anything inside that he would be interested in.

When he opened them, he saw a Five Grains Pellet [1] at first glance!

The Five Grains Pellet was a pellet which was formed by having a powerful expert condensing the world's energies and then combined together with the five grains’ energies. It could replenish one's energy and powers mildly and would be similar to taking a meal. However, it was more nutritious in comparison and was beneficial for cultivation in the early stages.

In the four continents, the Five Grains Pellet was the same as gold and silver and could be used for making purchases. Even an Expert...

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