Chapter: 1195

<Chapter 1195 - Unintentional killing intent, Scarlet Flame Sect

When Qing Shui heard the Eldest Princess being mentioned once again, he smiled and asked, “Is she coming for the Fifth Princess’s wedding?”

“Hehe, you are right but at the same time also wrong!” The Seventh Princess smiled and said. She looked really beautiful. It was a kind of serene beauty. It was perhaps because the weapon Qing Shui helped her forge was too good, causing her to constantly be in a state of excitement.

“How can it be both right and wrong?”

“Because the wedding day was intentionally set on the day the Eldest Princess returns, rather than her coming back for the wedding.” The Seventh Princess smiled as she explained

Qing Shui understood now. The Eldest Princess truly had a respected status.

“Is this weapon powerful?” Yan Jinyu asked puzzledly. Both Yan Yangzhao and herself were really curious. There were very few weapons that could make Seventh Princess so stirred up.

“A legendary weapon. Do you think it’s powerful,” the Seventh Princess’s reply immediately made the two freeze in shock.

After a long while, both Yan Jinyu and Yan Yangzhao looked at Qing Shui dumbstruck. He had actually forged a legendary weapon.

After a legendary weapon recognizes an owner, they would be able to communicate and establish a terrifying compatibility,...

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