Chapter: 1193

Chapter 1193 - Gains and losses, A Profit, Legendary Grade Weapon, Blood Terminator Bead

Similarly, the energy of both the Seven-colored Pellet and Golden Pellet were also increasing. Suddenly, a huge message appeared. Qing Shui stood there in a daze. He was stunned because even he himself wasn’t sure whether this was a good or bad thing.

His physical strength had finally achieved thirty five nimbus. He proceeded to sense it only to find that the Seven-colored Pellet had helped him increase his physical strength by fifteen times. Unfortunately, the Buddha Statue turned into a golden star within his sea of consciousness. But in exchange for that, Qing Shui could now utilize the Divine Nebula Formation to attack.

A lot of the information in the messages which appeared in his consciousness previously were about the Divine Nebula Formation. The Golden Pellet within his Dantian was able to help double his strength. Not only this, it was also a passive kind of increase, in other words, it was a permanent increase. Qing Shui could increase it at any time he wanted.

Hence, his physical strength could already be considered to have increased significantly. Although the strength of his spirit energy seemed to have gotten weaker, he had gained the addition of the Divine Nebula Formation to his arsenal.

Physical strength that was worth thirty five nimbus… Taking into account the fifteen fold boost in strength provided by the Seven-colored...

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