Chapter: 1186

Chapter 1186 - I Admit Defeat, I Admit Defeat, We Admit Defeat As Well, I'll Fight This Match

"I admit defeat!"

The voice wasn't loud but it rang out abruptly. No one would have thought that he would admit his defeat directly like this. Could it be that he was taken aback by the man who wore pitch-black battle armor?

Admit defeat or die!

Yan Yangsong didn't wish to make a pointless sacrifice. Since he already knew that he was going to lose anyway, why did he need to throw away his life? He hadn't lived long enough. The reason he chose this was because he valued his life over everything else.

The reason Yu Clan was like this should be so that they could humiliate Yan Clan and deal a heavy blow to the other participants from Yan Clan who would be taking part. And in this way, Yu Clan would also be able to have another option in the candidate they chose to take part.

Many people from Yan Clan fell silent. Yan Yangsong's countenance was grim, but he seemed to be pretending to remain calm. However, right now, everyone understood.

Since Yan Clan forfeited this round, it was considered their loss. It was Yu Clan's turn to go up next!

Very quickly, in a few breath's time, another person from Yu Clan stood there. This was a burly man who was like an iron tower. Compared to ordinary men, his height was one-third taller. He seemed...

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