Chapter: 1179

Chapter 1179 - Date of the Competition, Opening of the Blacksmith Store, Reputation Spread Far and Wide

After doing everything, it was about time for him to head out. He'd give them to them in a few days time. He could say that those were things he had made previously. Although he must say that the weapons were just made, the armor and other things could be said to have been stock he had left aside in the past.

Of course, they might not ask, since everyone had their own secrets. Even if they were to ask, he wouldn't say anything. This was why clever people would know what they should ask and what they shouldn't. There were some things that you won't get to know just from asking.

It was about time that he was able to eat the second Heavenly Secrets Pill. This was a huge favorable opportunity Yan Jinyu had given to him. She definitely wouldn't have expected that he would be able to finish all ten Heavenly Secrets Pills within 40 days and allow his strength to double. For others, the strength increment brought by ten Heavenly Secrets Pills weren't considered a lot but for Qing Shui, it was a monstrous existence, at least, for the current phase he was at.

Doubled... His physical strength had doubled. Moreover, with the cultivation he had been doing of late, it was even more. This wasn't something...

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