Chapter: 1171

Chapter 1171 - Dark Current, Taking the Heavenly Secrets Pill, Forging the Big Dipper Sword

Qing Shui would never have thought that she had such an identity—Demon Lord. It was an existence which seemed to be very distant from him but yet appeared right before his eyes. Moreover, they had once gotten very close skinship, albeit it a wrong one.

She wasn't from Western Oxhe Continent. Then she was from one of the other three continents? Was it Soaring Dragon Continent, Dancing Phoenix Continent or the Haohan Continent?

Earlier, he had summoned his courage to speak up and knew that he had no hope. In her eyes, he was as insignificant as an ant. However, back when they were in the five continents, she didn't kill him. This showed that she wasn't one who would kill the innocent.

Humans would not be together with ants. In this vast and dangerous world, Qing Shui could clearly understand this feeling. She had a very high status and her world wasn't one which he could come into contact with or withstand at the moment. Therefore, she had said that they didn't belong in the same world and it would be impossible for their paths to cross.

He also recalled the old turtle's sigh back at the crystal palace. It could be because it had already expected this conclusion back then and even had treated Qing Shui as a sacrifice to save the lady in the crystal coffin.

However, Qing Shui didn't hate the old turtle. Dangers and opportunities...

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