Chapter: 1170

Chapter 1170 - Fated Encounter, She Is Demon Lord, the Owner of Demon Lord Palace

Of course, part of the reason was also because Yan Jinyu was strong. The stronger one was, the stronger the prowess of the Four Elements Greencloud Sword that could be unleashed. However, the powers unleashed by Yan Jinyu were still beyond his expectations. However, when he thought of how powerful the Four Elements Greencloud Sword was, he didn't find it strange anymore.

It might be because the old man thought highly of himself that he had actually come alone. He must not have expected to be killed by Yan Jinyu just like that. Everything was because of a single weapon. Without the Four Elements Greencloud Sword, they would probably have a problem escaping, let alone there being the possibility that Yan Jinyu would be able to kill the elder.

"Sister, let's get out of this place. It's not safe to stay here!" Qing Shui saw that Yan Jinyu seemed to still be in a slight daze and quickly said.


Both Yan Jinyu and Qing Shui disappeared instantly, blending into the crowd. This wasn't the first time she had encountered such situations but this was the first time she was up against such a powerful opponent. If she hadn't met Qing Shui, without Uncle Zong by her side, it would probably be hard for her to get out of this f...

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