Chapter: 1169

Chapter 1169 - Battle, Prowess of the Four Elements Greencloud Sword, Five Elements Contravention

Yan Jinyu was a little numb to it by now. Qing Shui continued to tell her about how to use the Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring. In fact, she had already known of the abilities it had and letting it recognize her as its owner was the fastest and most accurate way for her to familiarize herself with this object.

“Let’s go meet them. If we really can’t handle them then we’ll run,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Yan Jinyu thought about it and said worriedly? “They should be people from Scarlet Flame Region, they were previously Yan Clan’s enemies or could even be people who wish to replace Yan Clan. They should have seen that Uncle Zong had left alone by himself. I wonder how he is now.”

“People from Scarlet Flame Region?” Qing Shui guessed as much, but he hadn’t expected that he would come into contact with these people so soon. He wasn’t satisfied with his current abilities. After all, the people he would need to go up against were people who were on the same level as Yan Jinyu, people who were going against Yan Clan. Therefore, many of them would be at State Master level.

If he was at the Western Oxhe Continent, didn’t know Yan Jinyu, Tantai Xuan and the others, didn’t know of any forging skills, it...

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