Chapter: 1164

Chapter 1164 - Decision to Leave. What kind of powerful backing did she have?

“I’m definitely older.” Yan Jinyu replied grumpily knowing what Qing Shui was trying.

“Oh, how old are you? Tell me, let’s see if you’re really older.” Qing Shui chuckled.

“Cut it out. Anyway, I’m older!” Yan Jinyu said firmly. She did not want Qing Shui to continue on this subject. Qing Shui understood and didn’t continue asking.

The position they were at was the Tian Di (Heaven and Earth) Position in terms of Feng Shui. This was a good place to worship the heavens. Now, he was going to become the sworn brother of this woman, but he felt that it was a little preposterous. Actually, this entire day was rather preposterous. He felt that Miss Yan was a little abnormal...

This woman was beautiful, calm and magnanimous. She looked so mature and elegant, yet she kept forcing him to be her sworn brother. If it weren’t for Qing Shui’s self-confidence, he would have suspected that she was plotting against him.

But what could she want from him? Other than his forging skills, his wine or some tea leaves? Qing Shui did not care. He looked at Yan Jinyu to see if...

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