Chapter: 1163

Chapter 1163 - Yan Jin sprays tea in Qing Shui’s face, Sworn siblings?

Even though Qing Shui’s current forging skill was only to the point that he could double a weapon’s stats, this was enough for Firecloud Blacksmith Store’s reputation to spread far and wide.

Qing Shui managed to exchanged his skills for quite a number of materials. Whenever he worked on a requested weapon, whether using the materials from the requester or using his own materials, he wanted to be paid in items and not cash. All the requester had to do was to offer something that Qing Shui was interested in whether it was raw materials, medicinal herbs or some bizarre and unusual items.

A few days passed quickly and Qing Shui managed to amass close to 300 weapons, 200 sets of armor and even more jewelry. Normal battle armor could not be compared with Black Tortoise Golden Scaled Battle Armor or Skirts as they lacked the additional boosts. However, once their stats were doubled, they were considerably impressive.

Such armor was only suitable for powerful cultivators as they had the strength to withstand the weight of these things thus they were quite useless for low-level cultivators. However,...

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