Chapter: 1162

Chapter 1162 - Tantai Xuan who Fled

Qing Shui had one of his hands on her breasts and his other reached over her delicate waist and groped her round, perky and beautiful rear. It was so round and soft, yet at the same time surprisingly elastic.


With the previous wild experience, things went especially smoothly this time. Qing Shui was tirelessly demanding as he changed all sorts of positions. Scenes that were capable of making one’s blood surge unfolded before him and he was also one of the creators.

At the same time, these scenes also emerged before Tantai Xuan, who was in another pavilion. She didn’t expect to once again witness a similar scene to before. This made her so embarrassed that she wanted to look for a hole and crawl into. It made her flustered.

She shut her eyes tightly and covered her ears while she sealed her spiritual sense. But all these were once again proven ineffective. Those scenes emerged before her again. It was as if she was in the same room as Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan right now.

It was a very strange feeling. She decided that she might as well stop covering her ears and trying to seal her spiritual sense. She could even see herself in front of Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan.

“Can’t both of you restrain yourselves for a bit....?” Tantai...

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