Chapter: 1156

Chapter 1156 - Cloud Eruption Healing Sword, The Arrival of the Two Ladies

The mysterious powers held such mysterious abilities. Even Qing Shui wasn't able to explain this. It was just like applying the right medicine for a particular illness. It would feel like it was amazing medicine but it was hard to explain the reaction.

A light blue colored glow flashed. It wasn't strong and had a warming feeling. Qing Shui could not help but watch it with his Heavenly Vision Technique. He wanted to have a good look at this longsword which Yan Yangzhao had liked so much.

Cloud Eruption Healing Sword!

It's name was very strange. Qing Shui couldn't help but read on.

It was a sword which could allow one to recover from injuries automatically and was rumored to be a sword which a powerful physician had forged before he died. The Greencloud Stone itself had a certain level of self-recuperative abilities and after many years of research, the powerful physician had managed to forge the Cloud Eruption Healing Sword.

It increases the user's strength by three times and the user's spirit energy by a little. It has a 20% chance of letting the prowess of the attacks be doubled and depletion reduced by 20%. When the user suffers from injuries, it could immediately recover half the injuries and allowed him to remain clear-minded. It would then continue to gradually heal the wounds for 24 hours. During the recovery process, there...

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