Chapter: 1148

Chapter 1148 - The Fearsome Strength of the Young Mistress of the Yan Clan

For a State Master level martial artist to be a chauffeur would be an incredible loss of face. Even members of the royal family would not demean a State Master by forcing him to be their chauffeur.

There was only one reason for this. This elder who was at the State Master level had willingly chosen to be the chauffeur of the Yan Clan’s young mistress. Otherwise, with the dignity of his martial prowess, it was impossible to force him to be a chauffeur for anyone.

Soon after, the White Draconic Horse came closer. One of the injured men from the Lei Clan was being carried to the side by his clan’s members to make way. The horse carriage stopped.

“Uncle Zong, why is there such a huge commotion outside?”

An indescribably elegant voice was heard. At this moment, everyone was silenced. This woman’s voice made everyone quiet down immediately. The people that were present clearly heard her voice.

Her voice wasn’t considered melodious and it had a tinge of roughness within it. It was dignified and powerful, giving off an elegant impression.

“Young Mistress, we have arrived at the Divine Weapon Street. This place has just engaged in a battle...

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