Chapter: 1139

Chapter 1139 - Break an Arm, Too Lonely at Night..

This voice stood out particularly well in this relatively quiet place. Qing Shui knew that the voice was directed at the two women by his side. He lifted his head up to look at the man who spoke.

The man had sideburns and his hair was as thick as a lion’s mane. His figure was quite tall and burly. The front of his clothes was left unbuttoned, exposing his steel-like muscles. He was exuding a wave of manly, coarse and violent aura.

He wasn’t too bad looking. Although he had sideburns and thick hair, he had prominent facial features. His eyes in particular were beast-like, causing him to look very wild and aggressive. This type of men was deadly poison to some women.

“Young Master Ma, I didn’t expect you could actually use words other than ‘hot’ to describe women. Your description fits too well this time. How can there be such beautiful women in this area that we have never seen?”

The person who spoke was a man beside the person who was addressed as Young Master Ma earlier on. This man was well-dressed and seemed to be a young lord from some aristocrat clan. He was handsome and had a slender figure. His every movement was graceful, with an air of nobili...

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