Chapter: 1135

Chapter 1135 - Tantai Xuan Appeared, Arriving At The Four Continents

The scene that suddenly unfolded before them shocked everyone. An instant kill. It was the most straightforward, nimble and most simple instant kill. This caused the two old men in blue robe to be in a stunned for so long before they recovered.

Qing Shui hadn’t planned to kill anyone earlier but this big man went on having some idea about his woman instead. Qing Shui wouldn’t even fear if it was a powerful cultivator from the other four continents, much less this kind of thrash. His women were also his untouchables. This was because his women were also his kin.

“The weather today is great. We shall take our leave now, Brother Li. Let’s go!” The old man in blue robe that had been quiet all this time laughed embarrassingly. He then grabbed the other old man in blue robe, who still seemed to be unable to wrap his head around what had happened and quickly left after ordering the rest.

“Take care, everyone. We shall return your visit over there in a bit,” Li Yifeng said to the people of the Blue Clouds Sect who were about to leave.

Although they were very far, they staggered in midair when they heard Li Yifeng’s words and disappeared into the distant mountain without even turning their heads around.

Qing Shui didn’t really feel much about it, he only...

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