Chapter: 1129

Chapter 1129 - Mu Qing Is Almost Here, No More Worry, Burden Tossed

Two hours later, Yun Duan was on the verge of collapsing. Qing Shui stood there, hugging the lady who had gone limp. Her face was flushed red, satisfied from the sex which they just had. Right now, the two of them were still tightly connected but Yun Duan was hugging Qing Shui tightly, not letting him move.

"You're like a raging bull..." Yun Duan lifted her flushed beautiful face and said tiredly, her beautiful eyes misted.

Qing Shui grinned and said, "Thank you for giving your husband the best praise."

"Who's praising you..." Yun Duan was speechless but her body was still trembling slightly. Qing Shui's hand gradually moved around her body.

Cultivators had good physiques and Yun Duan recovered very quickly. By the time they put on their clothes, the sun had already set. Yun Duan looked at this man next to her. She had never expected that she would perform such an act in the wilderness one day. Just thinking about it made her felt anxious. However, at the same time, it gave her a strange sense of excitement.

"Duan`er seems to have become even more beautiful. It's no wonder they say that doing such things can let a person stay youthful and become more beautiful." Qing Shui looked at the charming lady and said, feeling satisfied.

Yun Duan didn't answer...

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