Chapter: 1127

Chapter 1127 - Qing Shui’s Children, Happiness of a Family Reunion

Qing Yan nodded and performed happily. Her mastery of the Nine Palace Steps was not high and she was at the entry level of the Duality Steps. However, there was a spiritual feeling to her footwork. She had used the Free Spirit Steps as her foundation. Even picking up the Nine Palace Steps required a footwork technique as the basis. The Nine Palace Steps was more about one’s positioning.

“Our lass is the best. Learn whatever you feel like learning. We’ll support you. Just tell Father if there’s anything you need.” Qing Shui looked at his children, feeling very satisfied.

Only then did Qing Shui looked towards Qing Ming and said with a smile, “Come, show me what you’ve got.”

The others all looked at Qing Ming and smiled. Amongst the kids, they felt that when Qing Yu got older, she would be a match for Qing Ming. One of them was eccentric and full of tricks while the other was strange and nefarious.

Qing Ming seemed to have waited for this for a very long time.

What he performed was the Ghostly Steps...

When Qing Shui saw him performing the Ghostly Steps, he was also stunned. This kid’s Ghostly Steps had already reached the Truth Realm. He wasn’t strong and it didn’t appear to be an astonishing performance. However, it was true that he had reached that realm.

To think that this...

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