Chapter: 1125

Chapter 1125 - Yu Ruyan's True Feelings, Back to Qing Clan

After hearing Qing Shui's words, Yu Ruyan nodded. Her eyes became misted and she wore a smile. She wasn't able to get Qing Shui to let go of her hand after a slight attempt and thus she let it be. Although it was under the table, the others could still tell.

Since there was no need to cultivate at night, Qing Shui had more free time. He went around the rooms and once again wondered when he would be able to share a bed with all of his wives. However, he knew that it would be difficult just thinking about it.

Luckily, Qing Shui had lots of energy. He first went to Hai Dongqing's and Di Qing's room and after a round of sex, he was pushed away. He was told to look for their other sisters.

Qing Shui felt that this was atrocious. In the World of the Nine Continents, there wasn't a fixed system of one husband to one wife. Of course, there were also many who stayed true to their partner. However, there weren't many strong men who only had one woman.

Qing Shui had quite an enjoyable time during this period. He just didn't take Yiye Jiange and Wenren Wu-shuang, let alone Yu He. After coming out from the two ladies' room, Qing Shui went straight to Yu Ruyan's...

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