Chapter: 1124

Chapter 1124 - Bringing Only One Person To The Other Four Continents

Wood Vines could be used to whip, coil, and act as a barb due to its insane growth rate. Qing Shui took great pleasure in using the Wood Vines and he felt that he needed to cultivate this skill properly in the future because the usability of the Wood Vines was too great to pass on. He ultimately decided to let his loved ones choose one type of skill to focus on each, allowing them to further strengthen their foundation skills and fully grasp the quintessence of their own elements.

Water Ripples!

When Qing Shui demonstrated the Water Ripples, he was shocked. His body became surrounded with nourishing water and ripples spread across the surface. He felt that his movements were a bit restricted like a person entering a muddy pond. Those ripples that traveled on the water surface contained a strange power, as if they resonated with his presence. The ripples seemed uninteresting at first glance, yet contained a power beyond his expectation.

This was the beginner level of the Water Ripples. Such a level of power had already surpassed Qing Shui’s expectation, thus leaving him with a satisfied feeling. The Five Elements Divine Refining Technique had reached to such an unbelievable level, causing him to realize how outstanding this technique had become.

Fire Explosion!

Because Qing Shui already had the Primordial Flames, he wasn’t as amazed with the Fire Explosion as the Water Ripples. Despite this, he would still continue cultivating this skill,...

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