Chapter: 1122

Chapter 1122 - Realm of Peng Meng Immortal, Scroll Fragment Seal of Xuantian Part One

Qing Shui walked forward following the familiar feeling. As he got closer, the pulling force felt stronger while the familiarity grew. It was an unexplainable feeling, the feeling was like a throbbing sensation in his heart and there was no way he could thwart it.

The ladies and several people followed Qing Shui and soon, they reached another side of the valley. This place had no beast presence, this made Qing Shui feel bewildered. Perhaps there were only two beasts guarding the area but according to his experiences there should be more beasts guarding Peng Meng Immortal.

A lake appeared in front of their eyes, it was small, probably a hundred meters in size, just like a pond in a backyard. The water was clear like jade while reflecting the blue sky, there were not many fish or plants in the lake and the waters were calm.

A lake of this size did not look like it would pose any threats, at least there would not be any large size beasts. Such a small lake could not possibly hide any giant demonic beasts, that was a thought he had.

“Could this be the entrance of Peng Meng Immortal?” Qing Shui looked at the small lake, pu...

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