Chapter 112 Goddess as a Master!.

Chapter 112 Goddess as a Master!.

Chapter 0112 – Goddess as a Master!

“Do you really think that you can block us with your strength alone?”

As the last word from Gongyang Xuantong sentence was shouted out, four elders, all with heads full of white hair appeared. Despite their age, their eyes were flickering with a bright light, as they exuded an air filled with vitality and spirit!

“Hahaha, who said that she’s alone? Am I not here now?” The sound of loud laughter resounded from the distance, as an old man mounted on a two meter tall Purple Liondeer appeared with speed as fast as lightning. The speed of that mount was not much slower compared to the Immortal Crane, or maybe, it was because that Immortal Crane didn’t go all out when it was flying earlier.

“Skysword Immortal!” The four of them exclaimed in shock.

“Sister, that Liondeer, is it very strong?” A little girl inclined her head as she inquired.

“That’s the Purple Liondeer. It’s speed is considered one of the fastest amongst the land based demonic beasts. Aside from flying or going into the sea, travelling over land or even scaling mountains would prove no problem to it!” A busty woman clad in green robes warmly explained to the girl.

“Baili Jingwei!” Although Qing...

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