Chapter: 1119

Chapter 1119 Old Debts Canceled Out, The Dispute Ends, Yiye Clan's Cemetery

After Yin Shang gave his order, quite a number of people from Lion King's Ridge dashed toward Qing Shui. The people from Violet Dragon Mountain, Du Yannian and the others surrounded Qing Shui to protect them. "Mister Qing, leave quickly. Come again when you've recovered from your wounds. It'll be easy for you to kill these people then!"

Du Yannian and Zilong Shi shouted out towards Qing Shui and the others.

"Kill them! Definitely kill Qing Shui first! Otherwise, we'll all die. The person who kills Qing Shui will be rewarded with a bottle of low grade Sacred Beast Pills and will get to pick any woman for himself." Yin Shang shouted out loudly.

Qing Shui's eyes which had been closed all this while suddenly popped open like a sharp blade. Although his injuries were very serious, it didn't mean that he couldn't fight. The reason he hadn't been moving was because he wanted to assess if Du Yannian and the others were worthy of taking over Lion King's Ridge.

Moreover, he wanted to eliminate the restless influences in the Lion King's Ridge to ensure his family's safety. This would also allow him to feel more at ease when he headed for the other Four Continents.

And right now, both sides were already engaged....

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