Chapter: 1115

Chapter 1115 - Beitang Clan’s Final Trump Card (1)

In just a short while, almost half of the people from Beitang Clan had been wiped out. They were all the main clan members of Beitang Clan. There were about a thousand of them. Furthermore, they were all elites and the backbone supporting Beitang Clan. However, the bloodline that Beitang Clan had put in so much effort to nurture, was now suffering the fate of being massacred.

Right now, Beitang Clan felt as if their hearts were bleeding out blood. Maybe the scene now would remind them of the scene back then when they exterminated Yiye Clan. It looked so similar to the scene now.

Back in those days, Yiye Clan was once also a huge clan. At the very least, it wouldn’t be any inferior to Beitang Clan in terms of the amount of clan members they had in their clan. However, they had to suffer the fate of being mercilessly killed by Beitang Clan and in the end, left behind only a pair of children running away for their lives. Today, the people who once suffered at that time were back to demand their repayment. Naturally, Beitang Clan would have to exchange blood for blood.

Including Beitang Yingji, there were only about ten people within the formation. The people outside on the other hand, were being mercilessly slaughtered.

“Beitang Yingji, all of the things which happened back then were all your doings and yet you’re...

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