Chapter: 1114

Chapter 1114 - Killing People Like Flies, Mass Murder……

Primordial Flame Whip!

Seven Star Steps!

Qing Shui’s body was shuttling back and forth between the enemies like it wasn’t being influenced by the enemies’ spiritual sense. The Primordial Flame Whip in his hand was like an agile spiritual snake, constantly banging on those enormous Lion King Swords.

Both his miraculous speed and footwork have given rise to a magical effect in the battle. His speed in particular, was more important than strength alone. Up to a certain extent, the unusual features about his footwork could also be said to have helped make his speed unusually fast.

The fact that Qing Shui was not suppressed by the enemies’ formidable spiritual pressure had certainly gone against the enemies’ expectations. Seeing as Qing Shui was still lively and vigorous, they could not help but share gazes with each other.

Devil Slaying Sword!

A snow white long sword appeared in front of the old men. The long sword was slanted in the air and had its tip pointed towards the sky. Compared to the previous Lion King’s Sword, it was about twice as big. The large sword was giving off a strong ancient feeling.

Qing Shui swung his hand. He couldn’t afford to slow down, hence, he quickly formed a seal with his hands. Soon, an enormous golden rod appeared in the sky. The golden rod this time was a few times thicker than the previous ones. It was at least a hundred meters long and tens of meters thick. In addition to that, it was shining...

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