Chapter: 1113

Chapter 1113 - Lion King Devil Slaying Formation, Is This the Biggest Trump Card of Beitang Clan?

Beitang Clan, including Beitang Yingji were all frightened of what they had just seen. That was a kind of cold feeling that originated deep within one’s heart. Only now did they realize that Qing Shui was actually capable of eliminating the Lion King Devil Slaying Squad so swiftly.

Just how strong did one need to be in order to achieve that? He was all alone, it wasn’t actually a formation!

Beitang Yingji squinted his eyes. He had already begun to feel the crisis they were facing today. Hence, he would need to take desperate action and finish off this very young man as soon as possible. If he failed to do it, everything in Beitang Clan would be destroyed in his hands.

“Seventh Uncle, we need to finish off this damned brat as soon as possible. If we don’t do that, everything in Beitang Clan will be done for,” Beitang Yingji said softly to the old man in white cloth beside him.

“Clan Head, do you intend to do it with hidden arts or Lion King Devil Slaying Formation?” The old man was barely noticeable standing at the side. He was like a pine tree. When he spoke, there was barely any movement of his mouth. Even his drooping long brows had no sign of movement.

There were also a few elderly men with similar attire around the old man. Every single one of them looked like they were near seventy years old, they looked just like ordinary people. But when one paid close attention to them, they...

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