Chapter: 1112

Chapter 1112 - The Sky Lion Killing Formation Unsettlement, Vicious and Merciless, Killing People as if Chopping Cabbage

“Those who have nothing to do with Beitang Clan, I hope that none of you will interfere in this fight. I’m here mainly to apologize as well as greet all of you. Of course, if any of you still intend to interfere, I will just treat you the same way I will treat Beitang Clan.” When Qing Shui finished speaking, he cupped his hands together.

Qing Shui stood out and said this to the people in the surroundings. His voice could be heard very clearly, even far away. Furthermore, he also used his mighty spirit energy. He did so to show off his strength to the people around him. Everything in the World of the Nine Continents was decided by strength. No matter how reasonable one has been with his words, it would still be less convincing than strength alone.

No one intended to refute Qing Shui’s statement right away. Certainly, there were a lot of them who felt disdain listening to him. They seemed like they were ridiculing Qing Shui for being ignorant. Frankly speaking, only people who were truly ignorant would go and mock someone for being ignorant.

Throughout Qing Shui’s entire journey, he had made it this far by constantly moving forward and killing people at the same time. But there were very few witnesses, it was mostly only passed on through rumors. Now however, when they realized that Qing Shui wasn’t as the rumors said, a tall person with formidable abilities but only a handsome young man, a lot of them instead began to lose respect for him. How...

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