Chapter: 1110

Chapter 1110 - Mighty and Mysterious Violet Bloodline, The Stone Woman

His breathing sounded a bit uneven, especially when his chest was being pressed with the sensation of her supple breasts. The smoothness of the hands behind his back caused him to feel a bit reluctant to let go.

As Qing Shui abruptly hugged Yiye Jiange, she panicked. She felt a bit stuffy and panicked being hugged by Qing Shui. However, it seemed like she wasn’t that surprised by it and did not struggle to break away from it. In fact, she slowly embraced Qing Shui’s neck with her arms, her neck and face turning pink as she did so.

Qing Shui didn’t actually make any moves that were over the line. Men should always keep their promises, even if it were something which men and women should not be too serious about. He still knew that his relationship with her would only improve significantly once he destroys Beitang Clan. If he didn’t do it, it would be very hard for them to have a happy ending.

It wasn’t that Qing Shui was unable to win her heart over unless he destroyed Beitang Clan. In fact, everything had basically already been decided by now. Yiye Jiange was already considered to be his wife. The only thing was, the burden in her heart would never disappear so long as the Beitang Clan existed. This being the case, she would never be able to experience true happiness.

If one couldn’t gain true happiness and always had a heavy burden...

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