Chapter: 1109

Chapter 1109 - Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl, The Changes Of The Emperor’s Qi Pellet

“There we have it. Beitang Clan has brought malice upon themselves. We don’t need to do anything else. Only when the time is right, will we show ourselves and take control of everything into our hands,” the lesser old man said with a smile as he adjusted his clothes.

“So you’re saying we don’t need to involve ourselves anymore? Like warning Yinyue and the other clans from making careless moves?” the old man said sternly, with a serious expression still plastered on his face.

“There’s no need for that. Did you take the other clans for fools? They will not help the Beitang Clan in their cause. Whatever outcome will come of this - be that Beitang Clan successfully destroys that kid or the other way around - do you think they will turn hostile on so many of us? Besides, that malice of the Beitang Clan is impossible to be shaken away that easily,” the head of Yi Clan said as he bellowed with a laughter.

“Head clan, that fellow Qing Shui swore that he would wipe out the entire Beitang Clan and destroy the Lion King’s Ridge. If he is serious about his claims about exterminating the Beitang Clan, what are we going to do?” asked the old man known as Mengyuan.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Even though this malice of theirs is strong and brutal, he’s not the type to kill innocent people. He will not stoop to the point of destroying...

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