Chapter: 1108

Chapter 1108 - Full Out Massacre, The Rage of Beitang Yingji

The remaining ones gathered together quickly and released their own demonic beasts in the next moment. About 20 of them released close to a hundred demonic beasts of various sizes and colors.

Qing Shui flicked his hand and called out his demonic beasts as well. If these people wished for a playground, he wouldn't mind giving them something worthwhile to play with.

The Six-Headed Demonic Spider, Thunderous Beast, Fire Bird and the rest appeared in an instant to greet the incoming demonic beasts. Qing Shui turned to the ladies and Little Fatty before relaying his instructions to them: “I will leave these demonic beasts to you all. Leave the humans to me. Be careful when you face them. Luan Luan, call out your demonic beasts and harness the bond between yourself and your beasts.”

He hadn't expected that the opponents would call out such a huge number of demonic beasts to aid them. Each old man should possess four to five demonic beasts at most - a number that would scarcely deemed as ‘too much’. These demonic beasts would not possess power as high as ten thousand stars. Of course, there would be demonic beasts that exceeded that number - albeit only slightly. At the end of the day, the laws of heaven and earth would play a vital role and limit the powers of the stronger ones.


Luan Luan said contentedly and proceeded to summon all of her demonic beasts on the scene. Of course, those that were considered...

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