Chapter: 1104

Chapter 1104 - A man must kill and kill without mercy

Qing Shui was a little stunned by Lin Zhanhan’s decision but he quickly responded with a smile. He felt that Lin Zhanhan’s decision was the best outcome. To Qing Shui, the best way of dealing with things was to adapt to the natural flow of things and direct them accordingly rather than using brute force to control all situations.

The Huo residence had already been totally razed to the ground. It seemed like a simple feat but it had been something impossible for Lin Zhanhan for so long. The destruction of Huo residence was of great significance to Lin Zhanhan and finding that Lin Clan still had descendants had also fulfilled some of his long-time desires. With that, he found some relief from the anger and grievances that he carried with him all these years.

Feeling that a large burden had been lifted, Lin Zhanhan couldn’t help feeling that the weather was great even though there was barely any sunlight, he wore his happiest smile on his face.

Some people say that a person’s life is determined by the sum of their emotions, so people should live life to their fullest and not let anyone...

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