Chapter: 1102

Chapter 1102 - Huo Sanxing, do you still remember me, Lin Zhanhan!

Golden Fragrance Jade?

Qing Shui didn’t expect the next recipe to be Golden Fragrance Jade. In his memory, Golden Fragrance Jade was not an medicine but rather a type of Jade. It was a beautiful jade which emanated an alluring fragrance. It was a sort of rare item which people had tried to find for a long time and was only recorded in historical annals. It did not have an extraordinary appearance but there have been sayings like “You wouldn’t be able to tell even if you see a Golden Fragrance Jade” or “You wouldn’t be able to buy a Golden Fragrance Jade even if you had money”.

The Golden Fragrance Jade with an alchemy recipe must meant that it was as rare as a Golden Fragrance Jade. Or otherwise, it could also refer to Golden Fragrance Jade who is an immortal. The medicine she created was extremely valuable. Thus, there is a legend that Golden Fragrance Jade could also cure illnesses.

500,000 experience points wasn’t considered a lot but that didn’t mean that it was not valuable. Medicinal Pills could be classified into two general types: one-time effect...

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