Chapter: 1100

Chapter 1100 - Tidal Cloud Waves Seal, News about Di Chen

Ya Luotuo was extremely fluent and he sounded quite intimidating. At least, that was what the people around him thought as they gave Qing Shui a look of pity. However, Qing Shui found Ya Luotuo rather hilarious.

Would anyone be afraid if a tiny Pekingese dog barked in front of them? Perhaps, they might not even feel a thing. This was the feeling he got as a martial expert. Maybe it would better to even call this a type of mentality.

Qing Shui felt that he had gotten a better understanding about being powerful. In an instant, his aura seemed to change slightly, become denser and more pressurizing.

“Do you have the courage to say that again? I didn’t hear you clearly.” Qing Shui said as he smiled.

Ya Luotuo hesitated for a second before as a viciousness flashed in his eyes. “You really don’t know your place. If you break one of your own arms and come with me, I will let you have a quick death. If I have to take action, I will grant you a fate worse than death.”

After Ya Luotuo uttered his last word, Qing Shui raised his hand and shot out a Coldsteel Bead. This scenario felt very familiar to him, he remembered that he had also fed that young master of Lion King's Ridge—Bei Tanglie—one...

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