Chapter: 1099

Chapter 1099 - Five Elements Water Force, Another Encounter with the Beast Blood Tribe

The grains of sand sparkled with a pale golden color, especially when looking at it from afar under the sun’s rays. The sand contained many different multicolored seashells and the beach was a magnificent sight.

A long time ago, Qing Shui had come to a similar location to pick up similarly multicolored seashells for his children. Thinking about this memory brought a smile to his face.

There were many people around the seashore and tents were everywhere. Many were canoeing and among these people, most were ordinary civilians, not martial practitioners. Of course, there were certainly also many who were martial artists and this was obvious from one glance.

Martial artists and normal civilians usually segregated themselves, even though there were certainly exceptions, such as family members and friends. Laughter swept across the entire beach and many were enjoying themselves in the waters.

For most seas, the shallow area, as well as the waters that were close to the shoreline were considered safe zones. It was unlikely there would be any appearances of sea...

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