Chapter: 1098

Chapter 1098 - Formation Immortal Sect Qiu Feng, Absorbing the Additional Powers That Came With the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant

“I’m Qing Shui!” Qing Shui smiled and answered.

“Oh, our names are a little similar. I’m called Qiu Feng.” The man smiled and walked up close to Qing Shui.

“That is really such a coincidence. Brother Qiu’s formation is very powerful.” Earlier, in the Immortal Obstruction Formation, Qing Shui could sense how extraordinary the formation was. Other than the fact that he was sufficiently strong, he was able to get through it because some of his abilities were able to restrain his opponents. In other words, it could be said that his abilities could be used to exercise restraint on many similar existences.

“Brother, you’re too humble. I do have some skills in judging people. Since you’re able to come here and I’ve also taken a liking to you, come, let’s get you a room.” The man smiled and said.

“Brother Qiu, I still have some friends with me who are outside…” Qing Shui recalled that the few ladies, Little Fatty, Yiye Tian, and Lin Zhanhan were still outside.

“They’ve already come in. Come, I’ll bring you to them.” After saying that, Qiu Feng took the lead and headed out.

They came out to a spacious courtyard. It was a totally different scene from...

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