Chapter: 1097

Chapter 1097 Formation Immortal Sect, Barging through the Immortal Obstruction Formation

The Northern Sea City was very beautiful. The Northern Sea was located on the line separating regions of different temperatures. The places on the south side had four seasons, with periods of both hot and cold. On the other hand, on the north side, especially in the far north, the places would have cold winter days all year around.

"We'll rest and reorganize ourselves here. Let's stay here for two days before we continue on our way!" Qing Shui and the others landed in a huge square in Northern Sea City. There were many people and demonic beasts around.

The Northern Sacred Lu Continent was very big but the population wasn't sparsely distributed. The World of the Nine Continents was very huge but it was segregated into cities and wilderness. The wilderness was the demonic beasts' territories where countless of them would gather together in large groups. Other than some adventurers or people who were traveling, there were only demonic beasts.

In the wilderness, large cities would appear. Both the city itself and some of the wilderness around it would be within the city's influence. Large reinforcing walls would be built around the city....

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