Chapter: 1096

Chapter 1096 - Heading to Lion King's Ridge, Northern Sea City

They spent a lot of time to finish this meal. Since it was still early after they finished their meal, Yiye Jiange got Qing Shui to go out for a walk with her as well as discuss some stuff.

Qing Shui followed Yiye Jiange out of the courtyard and into the village. He was very calm now. With his great power, there weren't many people who could cause him to feel troubled in the Five Continents.

With a fairy-like lady like her next to him, he felt very at peace. Qing Shui had long since treated her as an existence which he would never allow others to taint. Although they haven’t had any physical progress, they both knew what their future was going to be like.

The Lion King's Ridge was going to be their challenge. Only after the matter with Lion King's Ridge was settled would Yiye Jiange be able to walk out of her trauma. Or rather, it could be said that only after eliminating Lion King's Ridge would she truly be able to feel happy. Then the burden in her heart would also be released.

"Wife, you must be in a good mood!" Qing Shui looked at Yiye Jiange who was smiling and couldn't help but tease her a little.

"You're not allowed to call me that. Be serious."...

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