Chapter: 1095

Chapter 1095 - Nine Yang Golden Body, Force of the Skeleton

Even though the Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly and Jade Emperor Queen Bee absorbed Dragon Qi, they still have not reached the level of Martial Emperor. However, Qing Shui believed that it would be possible for the Jade Emperor Queen Bee to evolve into the Jade Emperor Dragon Bee.

The Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly had no change. It simply transformed into scenery within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

As for the hundreds of normal Jade Emperor Bees that have absorbed Dragon Qi, their strength sudden surged. Compared to the current Jade Emperor Queen Bee, there was still a huge margin, but their body sizes have expanded quite a bit. This lead Qing Shui to believe that there was potential, perhaps the change would be in the Bee Nectar.

Seeing everything related to him undergo these tremendous changes. These beasts, in particular, were his best aids, therefore his success would be extraordinary in the future. Alongside his women and their beasts, their overall combined strength was a force to be reckoned with.

In addition, there was the life-saving Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring.

Up until now, Qing Shui finally recalled that he had absorbed a lot of Dragon Qi. It was comparable to the amount taken in by...

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