Chapter 109 - Killing Xiantian

Chapter 109 Killing Xiantian.

Chapter 109 – Killing Xiantian

“How should we address you? You can call me Gongyang Yu, I came from Heavenly River City. We are here today to try out the legendary black fish from the Yu He Inn. Please forgive my brother Yan Qi for his earlier outburst.” Gongyang Yu smiled as he stood up and explained.

Yu He was bewildered by the sudden change. The originally murderous rage and killing intent had suddenly disappeared, replaced by this smiling Gongyang Yu.

“My name is Yu He, I shall take my leave here so as not to disturb you, esteemed guests.”

“Why are you in such a hurry? Why don’t you join us, and we can enjoy the meal together?” Yang Yan Qi, from the look in Gongyang Yu’s eyes, knew that his brother was interested in this woman, and it was not merely on the level of being interested. Gongyang Yu had to have Yu He.

Yu He slightly creased her brow, as she stared with disgust at Yang Yan Qi.

“What are you looking at? Are you unhappy? Do you understand the status my brother holds in Heavenly River City? Him wanting you is a sign of glory for you, you bitch.” Yang Yan Qi disdainfully smiled. The Yang Clan was a large clan which hailed from Heavenly River City. How could they...

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