Chapter: 1083

AST 1083 - Five Elements Water Essence, Tantai Xuan’s melancholy

Qing Shui saw the enormous purple lotus envelop Tantai Xuan. This was her Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. Next, he thought about the purple Ten Thousand Years Demonic Lotus. He felt that it would significantly benefit her World Cleansing Demonic Lotus.

“It seems that her Violet Lotus Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation is also a powerful existence.” Through its aura, Qing Shui was able to gauge that it was not weaker than his Earth Diamond Bear. It seems that he had learned something new today, apparently demonic beast armor wasn’t limited to demonic beasts.

Looking at the Five Elements Water Jiao King that was getting closer and closer, Qing Shui watched as his previous attacks were countered quite easily by the demonic beast. That was a Spiritual Battle Technique. At this moment, he brandished his sword and charged forwards. Within the Ancient Ruins, he was still quite powerful.

Nine Palace Steps!

The Nine Palace Steps which Qing Shui had trained in the temple had gotten significantly stronger, to the point that there were changes in its nature. Currently, it looked even more enigmatic when used. It’s like Qing Shui was influencing the aura around him.

Sword of Sixth Wave!

Qing Shui’s strength approached 900,000 stars, which was more than enough to defeat the Five Elements Water...

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