Chapter: 1070

Chapter 1070 -Thunder Mountain, Violet Lightning, Thunderous Beast’s Evolution, Formidable

Bang bang!

Immense thunder resounded endlessly. The smallest lightning strike had the thickness of a tank and was also violet in color.

Qing Shui, who had just hurried here, discovered the giant Thunder Mountain. Violet Lightning endlessly struck the mountain, the rocks on the surface were blackened by the strikes.


Qing Shui observed the Thunderstones that shone brightly in the darkness. How much time had pass before the lightning could refine the stones into its current form? If the Thunderstones here were used to forge weapons, it would result in a formidable product with special effects. These effects could include collision, attack debuff, etc.

However, no one had been able to retrieve the Thunderstones that were unparalleled in hardness. Qing Shui stood at a distance as he observed the roaring Violet Lightning strikes that scattered all over the place. To see something that valuable but could not be retrieved made him felt depressed.

There were many uses for Thunderstones but unfortunately, it was impossible to retrieve. Not only could he not get it, he also felt horrified by its destructive power. There were not many who could withstand that kind of strike.

Just when he was about to leave, the Thunderous Beast’s spiritual...

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