Chapter: 1069

Chapter 1069 - Ancient Ruins, the Place Not Influenced by the Laws of Heaven and Earth

The closer Qing Shui, the girls, and Little Fatty were to the Grand Energy Gate, the more they were able to feel the repulsive force emitted from it. Nevertheless, this kind of repulsive force didn’t really prove much of a challenge to them.

The instant they entered the gate, the pressure felt as though it was squeezing them on both sides. Qing Shui was constantly observing the surroundings with his Spiritual Sense. At the instant he entered the gate, Little Fatty also appeared beside him, alongside with the girls. He waited until only this moment to swiftly analyze the surroundings. There were already a lot of silhouettes in the distance. They were all advancing even further ahead.

This was a vast and boundless land. The air was fresh but, at the same time, mixed with vivid smell of smoke. The mountains and forests in the distance had no bounds. To his surprise, the Laws of Heaven and Earth didn’t apply in this place.

Back when he was at Sacred Land of Panacea, that place also wasn’t restricted by laws from heaven and earth. Now, a similar thing happened at the Ancient Ruin. He wasn’t sure if this was a good or bad thing.

Under the effect of Arhat Rosary Beads, his spiritual energy was capable of neglecting the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Hence, this situation would most likely be unfavorable to him. However, he managed to get quite a significant boost...

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