Chapter: 1068

Chapter 1068 - The Opening of the Ancient Ruins’ Gate, Entering

“Sister Yu, I feel that God is treating me very well. Back then, I was too narrow-minded and turned down your kindness. I wonder if I still have the right to win Sister Yu’s favor?” Qing Shui stopped and said while holding her hand.

This time, it was Yu He who couldn’t help but be moved. Her heart stirred as she squeezed Qing Shui’s hand with all her might. “I have never considered anyone else since the moment you held my hand in the Hundred Miles City. Regardless of how you change in the future, for better or worse, you will forever be that person in my heart.”


Qing Shui and Yu He returned to the tents. There were still many people out and about. Of course, most of the women stayed inside the tents since it was a little chaotic outside.

Yiye Jiange and the rest were also inside the huge main tent. The few ladies were all in there too. Qing Shui greeted everyone after he entered. Wenren Wu-shuang also recounted her experience over this period of time.

Wenren Wu-shuang had actually arrived at the Northern Sacred Lu Continent after a daunting experience that fortunately passed without any major mishaps. She had only briefly mentioned about it during the journey, but Qing Shui still feared for her after thinking about her level of cultivation and the area between the two continents. She’d be quite safe traveling...

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