Chapter: 1052

Chapter 1052 - Ghost Sect. You can ask three questions

Qing Shui looked down at the golden bells on the floor, then he turned to Wen Jing and watched his expression. For the first time, there was a visible change in that man’s expression. At that moment, Wen Jing had an extremely sinister look. His previously bright lively eyes were now replaced with a menacing and ominous gaze. The man turned around and stared at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was a little surprised that the man would turn hostile so quickly but he soon understood why. The bloodcurdling aura that Wen Jing now possessed was the full blown version of what Qing Shui had faintly detected.

The golden bells not only kept the Yin Qi in this place under control, it also had another function. Right now, Qing Shui could sense the uncontrollable, erratic movements of the ‘Ghostly Qi’ within Wen Jing’s body.

Is this something related to Yin Qi?

Qing Shui was very certain that he was right. When the golden bells fell, and when all that Yin Qi pervaded the air, Wen Jing who previously presented the presence and mannerism of an upright man instantly changed. It was as if he suddenly couldn’t control his aura.

In a similar manner, the two Elders also lost all semblance of control over their aura. Similar...

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