Chapter: 1029

Chapter 1029 - Devil Staff Technique, Meeting Little Fatty Again

After the engagement, Qing Shui had a beauty in his arms and was enjoying the warmth. Earlier, his strength had increased by 20 stars, while Di Qing’s had grown by 30 stars.

Qing Shui once again cleared another Heavenly Meridian.

Another one of the Heavenly Meridians had been cleared, increasing Qing Shui’s confidence in his assumption. He didn’t even know what to think about everything. Was he really going to get all of the ladies in the Portraits of Beauty?

Qing Shui was stunned when he thought of this. Currently, he had already somehow encountered all of the ladies who were in the portraits which he possessed. He had even had that encounter with the lady in the crystal coffin. However, he had only known that she was one of the beauties in the portraits after their encounter.

One didn’t necessarily need to be with the ladies in the Portraits of Beauty in order to clear his Heavenly Meridians. It could probably work with any woman who had a unique physique. Qing Shui had always felt that the twelve Portraits of Beauty weren’t all-inclusive. However, those who were depicted by the portraits were definitely the cream of the crop.

Qing Shui had grown a lot stronger and had even gone all the way with Di Qing. However, he...

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