Chapter: 1014

Chapter 1014 - Mutation, Dragon Devouring Mouse, It's Time to Head for Demon Gate

The Fire Bird's physical strength was now at 310 stars and the Five-Headed Demonic Spider was at 380 stars. The Thunderous Beast had increased the most and now its physical strength had barely reached 300 stars. The other demonic beasts had improved too, but were just relatively weaker.

In the future, he could only let them slowly improve by themselves or to let them take part in actual battles to grow stronger. Actually, demonic beasts would also be able to gradually take in Spiritual Qi to grow stronger as time passed. As long as they were demonic beasts, they would be able to grow stronger gradually and they could even rely on their blood lineage and might end up not having to cultivate much at all.

It seemed that all demonic beasts basically didn't have to cultivate. They would at most just eat spiritual herbs or battle.

Having an increase in physical strength by over 50 stars was not considered little. After cultivating his other skills, when time was almost up, he left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

It was already bright outside and Luan Luan was already up and going through her morning practice in a distance. Morning practice was very important to cultivators and cultivators in this world would all use the time in the morning to go about with their practice, since training during this period would be twice as effective and it would...

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