Chapter: 1000

Chapter 1000 - The Almighty Hallow Pill, The Surge of Power (1)

Looking at the last remaining Hallow Pill, Qing Shui was filled with intense excitement. He then poured out 40 or more pellets, almost half of the 99 pellets and proceeded to store the other half inside the bottle before sealing it shut.

He took another bottle and stored the pellets he had poured out inside it. After the pellets were contained in the bottle, he closed the opening as means of sealing it completely. However, he could still open the bottle anytime. He knew he wouldn’t be needing the other half that had also been sealed for the time being.

Right now, Qing Shui was filled with hope as he observed the Hallow Pill in front of him.

Heavenly Vision Technique!

Hallow Pill: A pellet refined from the Hallow Fruit, allowing the user to gain a power with the strength of 100 stars. This pellet could be consumed by both demonic beasts and humans, which could strengthen the power of one’s bloodline, enhancing their natural talent. Each demonic beast and human could only consume a maximum of two pellets. Consuming more than two would not yield any more results. Only those with Martial Emperor cultivation were allowed to consume the pellet, otherwise the possibility of severe injury to the meridians would occur.

When he read the description of the Hallow Pill, his hands trembled with astonishment. The pellet was too powerful and too terrifying - nothing less expected from a pellet refined from the Hallow Fruit. The Seven-headed Scarlet Serpent was protecting the fruit when he encountered the dreadful beast, so he knew the fruit must be extremely powerful. Despite knowing that, he was still blown away by the information received about the Hallow...

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