Chapter 99 - A Game of Life and Death (Teaser)

Chapter 99 - A Game of Life and Death

A giant white eagle and a huge black hawk swept through the sky respectively as if streaks of white and black lightning; it caused countless pedestrians to stop and look one after another as they tried to guess what exactly those high level profound beasts were. But right after, the hawk and eagle flew increasingly further and higher and very quickly, completely vanished above the clouds

“Little Snow! A bit higher!”

The Giant Snow Eagle’s entire body was as white as snow; Lan Xueruo had hoped that after it flew above the clouds, they could hide their silhouettes with the cloud’s help. But Yun Che understood very clearly, that this may have worked if it were some other type of flying profound beast that chased behind them; however, what was behind him just happened to be a hawk. Hawks were the true rulers of the sky, and there was nothing that could escape the eyes of a hawk.

The Giant Snow Eagle flew higher and higher, and had passed through countless layers of clouds. However, the Fierce Storm Hawk still chased relentlessly. The Giant Snow Eagle could fly very high, enough to reach an attitude of five thousand meters; but in terms the altitude of flight, it was far from being able to be compared with...

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