Chapter 80 - Yun Che’s Intentions (Teaser)

Chapter 80 - Yun Che’s Intentions

“Oh?” Qin Wuyou was taken aback once again, because the reply he had received from Yun Che was not one that should have come from a youngster of only sixteen. Instead, it seemed more like it had been said by a sophisticated middle-ager, or even an elderly person.

“You really believe in me that much... No, you trust your feelings to such a degree?” Qin Wuyou increasingly felt that Yun Che was unusual and out of the ordinary.

“Pretty much.” Yun Che said with a smile. But, aside from himself, no one else could have understood the real meaning behind his smile. In the past, the people who were after his life were simply innumerable and were spread all over the continent; other than that girl which he felt guilty toward throughout his entire life, every person he had met was probably after his life.

One encounter, two, ten, a thousand, ten thousand... After that, he could tell whether they had the intention to kill him with a glance into their eyes; he could separate their spoken truth from their pretense, sieve the virtuous from the evil. This was a skill one could only learn after surviving countless experiences from the brink of death. Everything from these accumulated experiences was impossible to even express with words, and was simply impossible for others to comprehend.

This was also the reason why Xiao Luocheng made up his mind to destroy him; however, he met with Yun Che’s most merciless of retaliations on the spot... Because even if he had been more shrewd,...

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