Chapter 701 - Divine Phoenix’s Chaos (Teaser)

Chapter 701 - Divine Phoenix’s Chaos

Feng Xiluo had died, died at the hands of Yun Che… Moreover, it was truly a death without an intact corpse. All of the Divine Phoenix elders and disciples were stunned. Even though Feng Xiluo's life was grasped within Yun Che's hands just a second ago, the elders and disciples still subconsciously refused to believe that Feng Xiluo would actually lose his life. He was a Divine Phoenix Prince, a person of the most revered status in Profound Sky Continent. In this world, who would really dare to kill a Divine Phoenix Prince?

Feng Hengkong did not anticipate this as well; especially because Yun Che personally said that he had to “consider for the sake of Blue Wind”. When he provided three conditions, Feng Hengkong was even more certain that Yun Che would not dare to do anything too extreme. He had begun approaching step-by-step while speaking with a sharp tone, expecting that Yun Che would be frightened and even reveal an opening. However, he had never expected, no matter what… that by his second step, Yun Che had actually dealt the killing blow then and there!

Making him, the Divine Phoenix Emperor and Divine Phoenix Sect Master, helplessly watch on as his most beloved son turned into ashes before his very eyes.

“You… you…” Scarlet colored flames shot out from every single strand of Feng Hengkong's hair on his head, and even from those that were on his body. Both his pupils dyed red with blood; the baleful aura coming from him was intense to the point that none of the Phoenix Elders had ever seen before. “You… die!!”

In his extreme rage, Feng Hengkong suddenly struck out, grasping toward Yun Che’s throat with his right hand. Without any restraint, the tremendous amount of profound energy that was released...

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